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Belmont Christmas Day Parade

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As Massey Plumbing Inc. comes to the holidays, we reflect on the values that have shaped our journey and the community connections that define us. One individual stands out as a beacon of these principles—Michael Massey, the proud owner of Massey Plumbing Inc.


Michael’s association with the Boy Scouts of America runs deep, rooted in his own experiences as a youth involved in the organization. The influence didn’t stop there; his mother, a dedicated den leader for the scouts, further instilled these strong values in him. Today, Michael credits a part of his success to the invaluable lessons learned during his time with the scouts.


Massey Plumbing Inc. is not just a plumbing business; it’s a testament to the enduring American traditions and values that shape our community. Michael Massey is passionate about giving back, and one of the ways he actively contributes is by supporting the Boy Scouts.


This year, our commitment to community values manifested in the sponsorship of Troop 56’s Belmont Christmas parade float. Massey Plumbing Inc. didn’t just write a check; we got involved. Michael generously donated the use of a truck to pull their festive float, adding a touch of Massey Plumbing Inc.’s reliability to the holiday celebration. But the support didn’t end there—candy donations from Massey Plumbing Inc. sweetened the parade experience as troop members joyfully distributed treats along the route.


In an era where community connections sometimes take a back seat, Massey Plumbing Inc. proudly stands as a reminder of the enduring importance of fostering relationships and upholding traditional values. We’re not just a business; we’re part of a community that values integrity, camaraderie, and giving back.


At Massey Plumbing Inc. we extend our gratitude to Michael Massey for embodying the spirit of community and for being a driving force behind our commitment to American traditions and values. Here’s to many more years of shared values and meaningful contributions!

Belmont Parade


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